Barbara MC Caffrey MLD LDT UK

An expert/specialist in the field of lymphatic drainage

Member LDT (Lymphatic Decongestive Therapy)
Dr Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner
Emotional Support Therapist
Qualified aromatherapist
Lymphoedema Therapist

(+34)606 927 124 / (+44)731 111 9998

Clinica Buchinger Marbella

Katharo Spa, Hotel La Fonda, Benalmádena Pueblo

Katharo Spa, Hotel La Fonda, Benalmádena Pueblo

Barbara recently relocated to The UK after practicing in Spain for many years. She is now based in the Northwest of England, primarily covering Merseyside, Cheshire and West Lancashire. She will continue to treat clients in Spain returning for short periods of time throughout the year.

Barbara is well respected worldwide, she has regular clients from The UK, The USA, Kuwait, Spain, Italy, Holland, France and Germany to name a few.

She is multilingual, English being her first language, she is fluent in Spanish and Italian, and has a basic knowledge of French and is currently studying Arabic.

Prior to her return to The UK Barbara had the pleasure of spending time in Kuwait treating long standing clients.


Barbara MC Caffrey MLD UK



I have to say again how wonderful you were to me. I have had other Vodder messages in other countries, and your's was the best I have ever had. Including the therapist I see at home. You are indeed a very skilled, kind and caring practitioner.

Donna D

East Coast, USA

Hi Barbara,

Firstly I repeat what I said to you yesterday, it was a great joy for me to feel and see your practical application of MLD.. Your confidence really allowed you to connect with the tissues and I had a sense that you were delivering a treatment rather than going through the motions. An absolute pleasure to see you engaging they way you did with your patient.

My very best wishes - my life is richer for having met you.

Deborah Berry - MLD UK Tutor


Dear Barbara,

Thank you so much for coming to the clinic on Wednesday for the interview and for the treatment. I think that your approach, knowledge and attention to detail is the kind of therapist we would like on our team.

I look forward to working with you.

Kind regards,

Cheryl Jeperson

Clinica Buchinger, Marbella.

Dear Barbara,

you are a wonderful therapist. Totally professional, theoretically fully trained, working all the techniques, but at the same time intuitive and dedicated, so that I feel I get all the results and more from your treatment.


Dutch lady

About Barbara

Barbara MC Caffrey MLD UK
Barbara MC Caffrey MLD UK

After qualifying as an aromatherapist in 2003, Barbara has been in constant employment as an all round massage therapist, based at various locations from Marbella to Malaga.

Eventually, her interest of human anatomy and physiology took her to the world of Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Becoming a licensed Combined Decongestive Therapist in Austria in 2015 has opened many doors.

As one of only four Dr Vodder Therapists on the Dr Vodder website in Spain, and the only therapist in Southern Spain to attend a review course every two years, her popularity is growing.

Barbara takes particular pride in her natural passion for her work. She has strived to build a reputation to ensure every client or patient receives the best possible treatment.

Work commitments permitting, Barbara makes time to attend many seminars and courses both in Spain and the UK. Not only on MLD but medical related issues and general well being. June 2015 at the Wittlinger Therapy Centre/Vodder Academy, Austria she qualified as an ML/CDT (Manual Lymphatic/Combined Decongestive Therapist. Dr Vodder Member LDT.

As you can see her commitment to her profession can not be faulted. The interest Barbara shows in the health benefits of manual lymphatic drainage continues to grow.

Licensed Dr Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist 2014

Attended Dr. Vodder review course with Professor Wittlinger in the UK, September 2019.

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(+34)606 927 124 / (+44)731 111 9998